Phil Hawthorn

Speaking Engagements

If you want a bit of inspiration, some skill development, or just a bit of a lift, then come and chat to us!


From product launches, to cooking demonstrations; from time management, to Vision and Values; from employee emgagement to infleuncing skiills.  People and people interactions are at the centre of all my interactive talks and presentations (And we don't pick on people unless specifically asked to!)


Smiling and thinking - not a bad combination?


I also work with renowned author, musician and conference presenter, Peter Cook.  Peter fuses music and personal excellence to provide exceptional results. I use the stories and lessons to be learnt from cooking to order in the hospitality industry as his metaphor for organisational learning.

Hence, we are "The Two Cooks" 

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Always fun with a panel of experts!


Thank you again for your hard work, time, expertise, company and inspiration. We’ve had very positive responses from attendees who’ve got a lot out of the days. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I hope we can match it over the coming months as the (new product) goes live in the market.